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The 2/8th Australian Field Regiment Association began in 1945.

"On 15th June 1945 an ex-members Association (Victorian Branch) was formed.

A "Smoke Night", the first Reunion, was held on 9th November 1945 in the dining hall at Michaelis Hallenstein Pty. Ltd. and 80 members were present.

The Association became affiliated with R.A.A. Ass. (Royal Aust. Artillery), and the first year's Subscription was paid from money donated by the Womens' Aux. This was a Committee of wives and mothers who, during the War years, raised funds for extras to be sent overseas to 2/8th. Fld. Regt. members.

The Regiment marched to the Shrine, for the first time, on Anzac Day 1946 and a Reunion was held on the 26th. at the Commercial Rd. Drill Hall. 250 attended."

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