This page has images of the Regiment during war and peace.


The 2/8th Australian Field Regiment during war and peace.

Middle East

"C" Troop at El Alamein 1942.

C Troop El Alamein 10 Jul 1942 25 pdr in full recoil supporting attack by 26th Brigade against Tel Eliza 10 July 1942. El Alamein. "C" Troop. Collection of K.C. Batiste VX14004. From the unit history "No 1. Gun 'C' Tp. 16 Bty. shortly after going into action A.M. 10 July 1942 No time to dig in before firing commenced and shell fire had caused casualties. Gun Crew Sgt. I. Hay MM M.I.D. Gnrs. G. Gabriel (Floppy Hat) H. Buckney (Loading) G. Clasham (Artificer) Bdr J. Prouse (Layer obscured)" p65. This well known photograph has appeared in many histories over the years.

German gun destroyed by artillery fire.

German AA Destroyed Sid-Abd-El-Rahman A German 88mm anti-aircraft gun in the anti-tank role destroyed by artillery fire. Sid-Abd-El-Rahman, El Alamein. July 1942. Collection of K.C. Batiste VX14004.

Listening to the BBC in the desert.

Listening to the BBC in the desert in August 1941 Listening to the BBC in the desert in August 1941. Dave Curlen; Alf Allen; Hutchinson; Unknown; Leo Solomon; Charlie Cations; Les Bygate; Cyril Clark. (The caption reads "More desert. Listening to the BBC From the left Dave Curlen Alf Allen __ Hutchinson _____ Leo ___ Charlie Cations Les Bygate Cyril Clark Aug. 1941". Sized approx 83mm by 60mm.) Collection of L. Evans.

25pdr gun and crew.

25pdr gun and crew Rear row: Don Fenton. Front row: Mac Humphries; Alec Innes of Smithton; Hugo Garwood; Lofty Palmer of Melbourne.

Eternal Egypt.

El Alamein Cemetery El Alamein Cemetery. Photo taken in 2007?

El Alamein cartridge cases.

Cartridge cases 25pdr El Alamein Two cartridge cases on display 24 April 2017. They are 25pdr cartridge cases fired at El Alamein. Photo courtesy Lyn Ramsay.

Formation Sign of B Troop.

Formation sign B Troop - front Sign of B Troop. You can see the platypus over the boomerang which is the formation sign of the 9th Division. The arm of service marking is the red 2-8 of the 2/8th Field Regiment over the blue 74 which is the AIF serial number. The background colour to the sign is a dark blue. (The dimensions of the sign are 22cm high, 27.7 horizontal and 12.5 angled.)

Formation sign B Troop - rear Rear of the sign of B Troop. It is possible to see the letter "W" near the letter "B". Perhaps the sign has been repurposed.

Changing the Guard silver tray.

Changing the Guard silver tray A silver plated tray awarded to the 2/8 Australian Field Regiment at Puckapunyal in September 1940. It was awarded for 'Changing the Guard' to the Guard Commander Lt. RU Currer. The inscription reads "7TH DIV A.I.F. PUCKAPUNYAL / CHANGING THE GUARD / Presented by / THOMPSON & CHALMERS PTY LTD / September 1940. / Won by / 2/8 AUSTRALIAN FIELD REGT. (R.A.A.) / GUARD COMMANDER LT. R.U. CURRER.".

Ten Year Presentation Plaque.

Ten Year Presentation Plaque Presented to the 2/8 Field Regiment in dedication of 10 years by Sgt W O'Shea and Cpl A Kerr. Mounted on the plaque is a crossed bayonet. (The outer dimensions are 65cm by 45.)

Ten Year Presentation Plaque inscription The inscription on the plaque reads "To the 2/8 Field Regiment / 9 Aust Div / In dedication of 10 Years / From Sgt. W O'Shea & Cpl A Kerr". (The size of the inscription is 7.6cm by 2.5.)