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Historical Information

The 2/8th Australian Field Regiment, a unit of the 9th Australian Division, served in the Middle East, Australia and Borneo during the period 1939 - 1945.

In the Middle East the unit served in

In Australia the unit was encamped in Queensland at

In Borneo the unit served in

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In the Foreword to the unit history, J.S. Elder VX14128 wrote :

Our Regiment came of age in the brief period of fighting in the Western Desert which commenced with the assault on Tel el Eisa on 10th July 1942 and ended some four months later with the rout of Rommel's Afrika Corps by the 8th Army at the Battle of Alamein

An eight page brief history of the regiment was written by TX2489 Mr. Geoffrey Ashton-Jones, A.M. You can download this document, available in PDF format by clicking this link The 2/8 Australian Field Regiment AIF A Brief History

Reference Works

The folllowing publications by the unit and its veterans have been published.

2/8 Australian Field Regiment remembers World War II 1939-1945.

Unit history

The 2/8 Field Regiment Association. 322 pages. Published 1992. Out of print. Some updates to the book are found here.

Flies, Fleas and Sand.

Flies, Fleas and Sand

Ron Ware. 135 pages. Published 2007 by Margaret A. Rowe-Keys, KRAM Publishing, ( 135 pages. No Index. No ISBN. 50 copies. Out of print. Revised edition 2008. 141 pages. Index. ISBN 978 0 646 50402 5. 50 copies. See his Profile here.

Gimme the Guns! Recollections of El Alamein.

Gimme the Guns!

Charles G. McKenzie. 74 pages. Published 2004. Some notes can be found here.

Of things that used to be. Five and a half years a gunner.

Of things that used to be

Paul Bathurst Edwards. 133 pages. Published May 2002. Limited edition of 60 books.

Yes I Remember 1939 - 1946.

Yes I Remember 1939-1946

T. Allan Melrose. VX57712. About 40 pages. No publisher information.

The 2/8 Australian Field Regiment AIF. A brief history.

The 2/8 Australian Field Regiment AIF A Brief History

Mr. Geoffrey Ashton-Jones, A.M. TX2489. 8 pages. Published 2006. You can download a PDF of this document from just above this section.

Boots and All.

Boots and All

Ivan S.C. Blazley VX62338. ISBN 0 7316 9923 8. Published 1990. 122 pages. Size 146mm by 204mm. The author served in A Troop, 15th Battery. "Blazley was a gunner in A Troop, 15th Battery of 2/8th Field Regiment and his quite rare book gives a soldier's view of the campaign."

Wartime Memories a series of anecdotes. 2/8th Field Regiment.

VX54276. 18 pages. Published 2007. About 20 copies produced with clear plastic cover. Subsequently printed on demand with a paper cover.

Autobiography of Jim Pearce.

Jim Pearce. VX16957. 15 pages. This is Chapter 4 'War Service' of his autobiography. It is reprinted as pages 1-15. He commenced writing his autobiography in May 1995 and finished it in Oct 2003 just short of his 75th birthday. See his Profile here.

The Diary of Lieutenant Keith Batiste, 2/8th Field Regiment 2nd AIF.

Keith Batisite. 26 pages. Front cover is page 1. It has the imprint of Royal United Services Institute of Victoria at front. On page 3 is "... 27 JUNE 1942 TO 16 DECEMBER 1942".

The Battle of El Alamein earns a place in Tasmanian History.

Mike Vanderkelen. Article of 5 pages that was first published in the magazine Tasmania 40° South. Issue 60, Autumn 2011 pp65-69.

Available in PDF format by clicking this link The Battle of El Alamein earns a place in Tasmanian History.

The caption to the photograph on page 68 (the second last page) reads "LAUNCESTON MEMBERS 2/8th Regt - on parade - Anzac Day".

The Last of the (Old) Queen's Men.

subtitled John Gunn of Launceston and Low Head.

The Last of the (Old) Queen's Men

Brendan Lyons. Chapter 3 (pages 21-28) covers John Gunn's soldiering. ISBN 978-0-9585174-2-3.

Over Goes the Evening Hate.

subtitled a soldier's journal 1940-1945.

Over Goes the Evening Hate

Ron Pitt (TX2608). Editors David and Andrew Pitt. Published 21 April 2020. 274 pages. The book can be purchased through Amazon.