Officers A-C

Beneath each photo the caption gives the officer's name and possibly a link to further information. Click on the link to see his Profile. The profile may vary from a short paragraph on the man to many pages of information.

Adams AO Capt VX80876

Officer: Adams AO Capt VX80876.

Adlard FE Capt TX1438

Officer: Adlard FE Capt TX1438.

Akhurst AL Lt VX39839

Officer: Akhurst AL Lt VX39839.

Allison J Capt VX13932

Officer: Allison J Capt VX13932.

Apted EL Lt

Officer: Apted EL Lt.

Barker L Capt VX13687

Officer: Barker L Capt VX13687.

Barnes SL Lt VX13987

Officer: Barnes SL Lt VX13987.
Further info in his profile

Batiste K Lt VX14004

Officer: Batiste K Lt VX14004.

Beresford Smith B

Officer: Beresford Smith B.

Bert DC Lt NX110770

Officer: Bert DC Lt NX110770.

Bolton PM Lt VX50444

Officer: Bolton PM Lt VX50444.

Buttsworth CH Padre NX200034

Officer: Buttsworth CH Padre NX200034.


Officer: Calder.

Cannington NP Lt VX39883

Officer: Cannington NP Lt VX39883.

Clark H Capt

Officer: Clark H Capt.

Clarke C WO1

Officer: Clarke C WO1.

Collins R Capt

Officer: Collins R Capt.

Cook RE Lt VX39644

Officer: Cook RE Lt VX39644.

Cowper EWH Capt

Officer: Cowper EWH Capt.

Cox D

Officer: Cox D.

Cramp Bill

Officer: Cramp Bill.

Crisp AP

Officer: Crisp AP LtCol.
Further info in his profile

Cuff JG Lt TX1670

Officer: Cuff JG Lt TX1670.