Officers D-H

Beneath each photo the caption gives the officer's name and possibly a link to further information. Click on the link to see his Profile. The profile may vary from a short paragraph on the man to many pages of information.

Dean JH Lt SX3233

Officer: Dean JH Lt SX3233.

Dench JR Lt VX50347

Officer: Dench JR Lt VX50347.

Dettman JDH Lt NX70909

Officer: Dettman JDH Lt NX70909.

Douglas Bob RMO

Officer: Douglas Bob RMO.

Doyle JV Lt TX1474

Officer: Doyle JV Lt TX1474.

Edwards P

Officer: Edwards P.

Elder JS

Officer: Elder JS.

Falconer EC Lt QX44292

Officer: Falconer EC Lt QX44292.

Ferguson JB Lt

Officer: Ferguson JB Lt.

Fogarty TH Lt VX14003

Officer: Fogarty TH Lt VX14003.

Ford W Capt VX11411

Officer: Ford W Capt VX11411.

Foreman WJ Lt QX22530

Officer: Foreman WJ Lt QX22530.

Foster EC Lt QX45092

Officer: Foster EC Lt QX45092.

Game SJA Capt TX2065

Officer: Game SJA Capt TX2065.

Garrott EL Capt

Officer: Garrott EL Capt.

Gillogley J Capt NX166008

Officer: Gillogley J Capt NX166008.

Green AJ Capt, in middle

Officer: Green AJ Capt, in middle.
Further info in his profile

Green WJ Major

Officer: Green WJ Major.

Gunn J Capt

Officer: Gunn J Capt.

Harris GO Lt VX13981

Officer: Harris GO Lt VX13981.
Further info in his profile

Hazell JR Lt NX83353

Officer: Hazell JR Lt NX83353.

Hellings RMO

Officer: Hellings RMO.

Hemmings S YMCA B438

Officer: Hemmings S YMCA B438.

Hodgman B

Officer: Hodgman B.

Hodgman G Lt TX1513

Officer: Hodgman G Lt TX1513.

Horneman WJ Lt NX117642

Officer: Horneman WJ Lt NX117642.