Officers I-L

Beneath each photo the caption gives the officer's name and possibly a link to further information. Click on the link to see his Profile. The profile may vary from a short paragraph on the man to many pages of information.

Jillett Lt

Officer: Jillett Lt.

Johnston RL LtCol VX173

Officer: Johnston RL LtCol VX173.

Jones LK Lt

Officer: Jones LK Lt.

Kaiser Bert Capt

Officer: Kaiser Bert Capt.

Kaiser HC Capt, on right

Officer: Kaiser HC Capt, on right.
Further info in his profile

Kallend WE Lt TX1562

Officer: Kallend WE Lt TX1562.

Keast RL Lt WX25326

Officer: Keast RL Lt WX25326.

Keston FKC Capt NX201124

Officer: Keston FKC Capt NX201124.

Kettle HH Padre VX48688

Officer: Kettle HH Padre VX48688.

King RE Lt NX104383

Officer: King RE Lt NX104383.
Further info in his profile

Kneebone VS Major

Officer: Kneebone VS Major.

Knight RM Lt TX1447

Officer: Knight RM Lt TX1447.

Lenahem Lt

Officer: Lenahem Lt.

Lenne KC Lt VX111624

Officer: Lenne KC Lt VX111624.

Lette L Lt

Officer: Lette L Lt.

Lobban AR Lt

Officer: Lobban AR Lt.

Lord J Capt

Officer: Lord J Capt.
Further info in his profile