Officers M-R

Beneath each photo the caption gives the officer's name and possibly a link to further information. Click on the link to see his Profile. The profile may vary from a short paragraph on the man to many pages of information.

Macdonald KC Lt VX82588

Officer: Macdonald KC Lt VX82588.

MacKay LG Capt VX1000

Officer: MacKay LG Capt VX1000.

Manuel R Lt NX113751

Officer: Manuel R Lt NX113751.

McAskill F Capt WX1584

Officer: McAskill F Capt WX1584.

McCallum ER Lt VX50445

Officer: McCallum ER Lt VX50445.

McDonald AJ Lt VX146391

Officer: McDonald AJ Lt VX146391.

McGruther B Capt QX54946

Officer: McGruther B Capt QX54946.


Officer: McLaran.

Michell G Lt

Officer: Michell G Lt.

Mooney RR Major NX141

Officer: Mooney RR Major NX141.

Morton Cr Capt

Officer: Morton Cr Capt.

North W Lt

Officer: North W Lt.
Further info in his profile

OHare MP Major

Officer: OHare MP Major.

Olsson JC Capt NX117620

Officer: Olsson JC Capt NX117620.

Parsons GW Capt

Officer: Parsons GW Capt.

Power TE Lt NX141895

Officer: Power TE Lt NX141895.

Ralph MR Major VX13931

Officer: Ralph MR Major VX13931.

Rapley RL Lt TX6462

Officer: Rapley RL Lt TX6462.

Reed W Major

Officer: Reed W Major.

Richardson E Lt

Officer: Richardson E Lt.

Roberts TL Capt

Officer: Roberts TL Capt.

Robinson M Capt TX2066

Officer: Robinson M Capt TX2066.

Rowlands FW Capt

Officer: Rowlands FW Capt.