Officers S-Z

Beneath each photo the caption gives the officer's name and possibly a link to further information. Click on the link to see his Profile. The profile may vary from a short paragraph on the man to many pages of information.

Salter AA Major

Officer: Salter AA Major.

Scarlett H Lt NX50924

Officer: Scarlett H Lt NX50924.

Seddon PE Lt SX37098

Officer: Seddon PE Lt SX37098.

Smith AWJ LT

Officer: Smith AWJ LT.

Smith S Capt QX2519

Officer: Smith S Capt QX2519.

Smith TD Capt

Officer: Smith TD Capt.

Spry Sam

Officer: Spry Sam.

Stackpool W Lt NX111098

Officer: Stackpool W Lt NX111098.

Steer J Lt

Officer: Steer J Lt.

Stevens FD Major

Officer: Stevens FD Major.

Stewart J Capt VX39172

Officer: Stewart J Capt VX39172.

Swinbourne R Lt

Officer: Swinbourne R Lt.

Tinsley WN LtCol

Officer: Tinsley WN LtCol.
Further info in his profile

Trewarne W Lt VX911

Officer: Trewarne W Lt VX911.
Further info in his profile

Udy GS Padre NX93451

Officer: Udy GS Padre NX93451.

Urquhart NC Capt

Officer: Urquhart NC Capt.

Valentine DC Lt

Officer: Valentine DC Lt.

Vanderkelen PW Capt

Officer: Vanderkelen PW Capt.
Further info in his profile

Watkins JS Lt VX15923

Officer: Watkins JS Lt VX15923.

Wharton PL Lt VX14397

Officer: Wharton PL Lt VX14397.

Wise RJ Major NX142

Officer: Wise RJ Major NX142.

Woodroffe M Capt TX2194

Officer: Woodroffe M Capt TX2194.