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Jim was born on 7 February 1920 in Balranald before moving with his parents to Vinifera (near Swan Hill) where he went to school until he was 14. He then left school to work on the family vineyard. His father was a Boer War and World War 1 veteran and his mother was a Scottish war bride.

He enlisted in the AIF on 28 March 1941. He didn't enlist earlier as he felt that as an only child, it would be unfair on his parents. He waited until he turned 21. After training at Puckapunyal for several months, he sailed on The Queen Mary for the Middle East on 28 June 1941. After 28 days travelling he arrived in Palestine on 27 July where he undertook two months of hard training. He then spent the next 555 days in various parts of the Middle East. After returning to Australia he spent 775 days training in Queensland before spending 145 days on the Borneo campaign. He was discharged on 10 September 1945 after 1608 days of service.

At the end of the war he returned to Vinifera where he met Margaret Glover. They were married on 27 November 1946. They had three children - Judith, Ian and Allan. They moved to the soldier settlement district of Robinvale in 1950 where they spent the next 35 years running a fruit block where the emphasis was on table and dried grapes. They retired in 1985 but remained active in the community. Margaret died in October 2006 (a month short of their 60th wedding anniversary) and as one would expect, this left a large gap in Jim's life.

Jim remained at home until November 2009, but deteriorating health required that he move to other accomodation.

In the late 1950's and early 1960's Jim was involved with the Robinvale Rifle Club where he proved to be a highly skilled rifleman. Margaret and Jim were involved with the Robinvale Golf Club for many years and Jim only stopped playing in 2005. Jim was heavily involved with the Robinvale branch of the RSL and Legacy until recently. He helped organise and conduct Anzac Day and Remembrance Day services for many years. It is only in the last two years that he has not been able to be involved with these special days. He also attended the local schools each year to speak with the students about Anzac Day. In July 2008 he was awarded the Meritorious Medal for his services to the RSL. He regularly attended Legacy meetings and took an active role in the management and maintenance of the Legacy flats. During the late 70s and early 80s Jim served as a director of the Robinvale Producers Co-operative which was responsible for the processing and marketing of dried fruit produced in the district. Jim was also a member of the Robinvale Masonic Lodge for many years.

(The above information provided by Ian Anderson in June 2012.)

The following slideshow consists of 22 images from the Anderson Collection.


  • Jim Anderson - enlistment

  • Training - Jim Anderson on right

  • Palestine - Jim Anderson - Outside My Tent

  • Palestine - Jim Anderson, Mick Donahoo, Dooly Worral at our camp

  • Jerusalem - Ossie Box, Jim Anderson

  • Palestine - Alf and Victory

  • Palestine - Alf Wooley, Ken Riley

  • Palestine - Bern, Dooley, Alf - 4 of a kind

  • Nazereth - Jim Anderson, Jim Woods, Steve Doley, Bill Harvey, Eric Canna, Front row: Warrant Officer Hurst

  • Palestine - Jim Anderson, Ken Riley, Alf Woolley

  • On the Road - Syria - Jack Taylor, Jim Anderson, Mick, Les

  • Syria - Near the Tent - Jim Anderson, Tom Hedley, Eric Canna

  • Syria - Digging Party, Bd. Woolley, Bd Smith, Sgt Britingham, Eric Canna, Jim Anderson

  • Syria - Back row: Eric Canna, Stumpy Smith, Front row: Jim Anderson, Hedley

  • Syria - Unknown, Stumpy Smith, Eric Canna, Jim Anderson

  • Jim Anderson

  • Palestine - Bill Turner, Jim Anderson, Gus Allan - mending

  • Easy Troop

  • Back row: Jack Currell, Alf Woolley, Les Worall, Mick Donahoe, Front row: Jim Anderson, Dooley Worral, Ernie Mitchell

  • Wedding

  • Remembrance Day

  • Dad at the hostel

Jim Anderson's diary for 1941.

Jim Anderson's diary - image 1Image 1 of Jim Anderson's Diary for 1941.

Jim Anderson's diary - image 2Image 2 of Jim Anderson's Diary for 1941.

Jim Anderson's diary - image 3Image 3 of Jim Anderson's Diary for 1941.

Jim Anderson's diary - image 4Image 4 of Jim Anderson's Diary for 1941.

Jim Anderson's diary - image 5Image 5 of Jim Anderson's Diary for 1941.

Jim Anderson's diary - image 6Image 6 of Jim Anderson's Diary for 1941.


58th Battery, Easy Troop58th Battery, Easy Troop. Jim Anderson is seated in the Front Row, 3rd from the right.

Meritorious Medal Presentation to Jim Anderson in 2008Meritorious Medal Presentation to Jim Anderson in 2008. McLachlan, Jim Anderson, Premier Brumby. The Meritorius Medal of the Returned & Services League of Australia, Victorian State Branch is dated 3 March 2008.

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