Ken Lang



Ken Lang in the Middle EastKen Lang in the Middle East. Unknown; Ken Lang.

Ken Lang and Marjorie in 1942Ken Lang and Marjorie in 1942. Presumably Melbourne whilst on leave.

Ken Lang and Marjorie in 1969Ken Lang and Marjorie in 1969.

Written account of Ken Lang and his wife's travels late war

This document has an account of William Kenneth Lang's army career and also an account by his wife Marjorie Lang of her journey to visit him.

Marjorie Lang left Melbourne on 26 December 1943 and reached Mount Isa, Queensland on 3 January 1944. The first leg on the journey was by ship to Sydney. She also travelled by train and plane! Her account is an insight into Home Front conditions in Australia.

You can download this document, available in PDF format by clicking this link William Kenneth Lang.