Geoff Harris



10th Field Brigade Mt. Martha 1939 10th Field Brigade Mt. Martha 1939. Photo from Geoff Harris. It is presumed that he is the one arrowed. In a letter accompaning the photo he said this was the 10th Field Brigade at Mt. Martha on a three months camp in March 1939 and the basis of the personnel in 16th Battery came from chaps in this photo.

According to Brian Snaith of England, The Tannoy (2010 p24), the person arrowed is Gunner Keith Batiste. The gun "team had won the Honours in the Combination Shoot "Best Gun of the Year" - 15th Field Brigade, 112th Howitzer Battery (Ack Sub). The No. 1 - Lead Driver - is another of our past Members, Lew Hodges - VX15595".

Three pairs of horses pull the gun. A driver sits on the left horse of each pair. The Lead Driver would be the man on the first pair, followed by the Center Driver, then the Wheel Driver. The man in the foreground, on a single horse, would be the Sgt.