Robert King

Robert was born at Mentone, Victoria on 09.07.1915 and he lived at Northbridge, NSW at the time of his enlistment at Narellan on 22.07.1942 - he felt that it was his duty.

Robert’s first posting was with the North Sydney Militia Regiment.

One of his significant memories was the landing at Labuan Island in June 1945.

Labuan was part of the Brunei Sultanate until Japanese Occupation in December 1941.

The Japanese named it Maida Island after the Marquis Toshinari Maeda, the 1st Commander of Japanese Forces in North Borneo.

The island was retaken by Australian Forces in June 1945 in the operation code-named Operation Oboe Six and the island returned to the original name of Labuan, where there now stands a monument celebrating the surrender of the Japanese there.

Robert billeted with Lt. Bob Keast and his other close mates were Lt. “Curley” Calland and Capt. Arthur Adams. He held the Ranks of Lance Bombardier and later Lieutenant with the 2/8th.

Robert King was discharged on 06.02.1946.