Arthur Turner


Arthur "Baldy" Turner – VX 15629 – 15th Battery.

Jack BynonArthur Turner.

The following was told to the Secretary Helene Riedl by Sue Anderson in February 2012:

Arthur Benjamin Turner was born on 29th July 1918 at Koorumburra, Victoria - the son of a coalminer. The family moved to Yarraville when Arthur was three, and when aged seven, Arthur lost his father to Anthracosis or Coalminer’s Lung, also known as Black Lung Disease, caused through inhaling coal-dust. Arthur remained in Yarraville until he married, and then he moved “all the way to Spotswood” about 2kms away!

At the age of 18, Arthur joined the local Militia. He married his wife, Dorothy, and his first child was born 12 months later, so he left a wife and child behind when, at 21, he signed up for war duty at Caulfield on 17th May 1940. Arthur was to meet one of his best mates – Normie Hagen – shortly after enlistment. He was the Best Man at Normie’s wedding and they shared a great friendship. Unfortunately, Normie Hagen – VX15971 - died very young on 9th November 1967.

Arthur was one of the originals who sailed on the “Strathmore“ and he served in both the Middle East and Borneo. He was discharged, a Gunner, on 8th November 1945 and he built his house at Spotswood, where he lived most his life with the help of great mates, Alec Hansen & Normie Hagen. Arthur and Dorothy had another two children, Sue and Brian. Sadly, the older girl, Fay, passed away quite young.

Arthur worked for the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works after the war, until he retired. He worked in the Maintenance Section, so he was always “on call“ on a roster system. Many a time the family would sit down to Christmas Dinner or a birthday, and Dad would be called away to an urgent job. Somehow though, he was never on duty on ANZAC Day??? That’s how much ANZAC Day and his Regiment meant to him and Arthur never missed a March or Re-Union until the day he died. Mind you, Bob Anderson – Sue’s husband – had to basically “carry“ the very ill Arthur on that last March – the legs were marching on, but the body just couldn’t make it. Arthur lived with Sue and Bob after the death of his wife, Dorothy, and he passed away on 27th August 1995.

Arthur’s had many great mates from the war years – Roy French, Tim Knight, Charlie McKinnon, Alec Hansen, Sam Cumming, Normie Hagen, and of course, so many more…

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