Jack Wilson



Ivan Pretty, Jack Wilson Ivan Pretty, with his lifelong mate Jack Wilson, on final leave 1940.

Sid Matthews, Jack Wilson, Ivan Pretty Sid Matthews, Jack Wilson, Ivan Pretty .

Full Name of Serving Member: John Stanley Wilson

Known as: Jack / Bluey

Regiment Number : VX 8318

Date of Birth : 25.12.1918 ( for enlistment purposes ) actually 1922

Where Born : South Melbourne

When and Where Enlisted : Caulfield on 19.05.1940

Reasons for Enlistment : Appropriate time

First Posting / Where / What Sub-Unit : 2/8th Australian Field Regiment “B” Troop at Puckapunyal on 16.05.1940

Outstanding or Significant Memory or Anecdote : The early days at Pucka in the “B” Troop Hut – all great new mates!

Who were your close Mates : Ivan “Skeeter” Pretty Being a Signaller – the Sigs.

Jack and Ivan worked together at CAC Port Melbourne - Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation – before the war and they also boarded together at St. Kilda in Melbourne. [The CAC was established in 1936, to provide Australia with the capability to produce military aircraft and engines.]

They enlisted on the same day, and Jack said that the Sergeant was concentrating so much upon Ivan’s shorter stature, that he completely failed to notice that Jack was actually only 17, and not the 22 as per his Army enlistment details!!!

Who did you Billet with : Signallers

What Ranks did you hold : Gunner

Date of Discharge : 11.12.1945